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Lunch Specials

Served until 4:00 PM Monday Thru Friday.

Salads & Sandwiches

$12.00Shrimp Salad

$12.00Half a Shrimp Sandwich & a Cup of Clam Chowder or Shrimp Salad

$17.00Half a Crab Sandwich & a Cup of Clam Chowder or Shrimp Salad


Served with a cup of clam chowder or shrimp salad.

$17.00Mussels Bordelaise

$16.00Rex Sole Almondine

$16.00Chicken Parmigiana

$18.00Calamari Steak

$17.00Calamari & Linguini in a Red Sauce

$15.00Fish & Chips

$19.00Filet of Sole

Our Menu



Pan or Deep Fried 13
Marinated 14

Oysters, Half Shell

Half Dozen $14.50 | Full Dozen $25.50


Half dozen (raw) 15 
Full dozen (raw) 26 
Rockefeller 18
Fried 18


Half dozen (raw) 15
Full dozen (raw) 24
Fried 18

$19.00Steamed Clam or Mussels


Peel and Eat 22
Jumbo/Fried 22

Crab Cocktail

Market Price

$12.00Bay Shrimp Cocktail

$15.00Prawn Cocktail

$17.00Combination Cocktail

$9.00Fried Zucchini

$16.00Crab Cakes


Boston Clam Chowder

Cup $8.00| Bowl $9.00


Cup $8.00/ Bowl $9.00

$11.00Bread Bowl Chowder


Honey mustard, mayonnaise, oil & vinegar, blue cheese, ranch or thousand island dressing.

Crab Louis

Market Price.

Seafood Louis

Market Price.

$20.00Shrimp Louis

$24.00Prawn Louis

$33.00Cold Half Lobster and Shrimp Salad

$15.00Shrimp Dinner Salad

$11.00Caesar Salad

$13.00Chicken Caesar Salad

$13.00Shrimp Caesar Salad

$9.00Dinner Salad

Fresh Fish Grilled & Broiled

All dinners include shrimp salad or cup of chowder.

$22.00Sole Dore

$22.00Fried Filet of Sole

$18.00Rex Sole Almondine

$23.00Broiled Salmon

$22.00Grilled Pacific Red Snapper

$22.00Red Snapper Siciliano with Garlic

Catch of The Day

Market Price.


All dinners include shrimp salad or cup of chowder.
Crab | Shrimp | Clams | Lobster | Oysters

$25.00Fried Large Shrimp

$25.00Shrimp Saute

$23.00Steamed Clams Bordelaise

$23.00Whole Fresh Fried Clams

Whole Cracked Crab

Market Price.

Half Cracked Crab

Market Price

$34.00Crab Au Gratin

Au Gratin crab in a wine cream sauce with parmesan cheese.

$20.00Mussels Bordelaise

$23.00Pan Fried Oysters with Garlic

$49.00Broiled Whole Lobster

$29.00Broiled Half Lobster

$40.00Lobster Thermidor

Lobster in a wine cream sauce with mushrooms, egg, parmesan cheese, baked in its own shell.


Served with shrimp salad or clam chowder.

$17.00Ravioli, Meat Sauce

$17.00Linguini, Meat Sauce

$17.00Fettuccine Alfredo

$18.00Fettuccine & Chicken Pesto

$19.00Fettuccine & Bay Shrimp Alfredo

$24.00Large Shrimp and Pasta

Cream sauce with fresh Tomatoes

$16.00Pasta Pesto Primavera

$21.00Clams & Lingnuine (Red or White Sauce)

$29.00Crab & Linguini (Red or white sauce)

$28.00Calamari Fettuccini

Red sauce.

$17.00Linguini Marinara

Sauteed with bay shrimp, garlic, wine & tomato sauce.

Steaks & Chicken

Served with shrimp salad or clam chowder & potatoes.

$28.00New York Cut, 14 oz.

$17.00Chopped Sirloin

In mushroom gravy.

$29.008 oz. Steak & Prawns

$17.00Chicken Scallopini

$17.00Chicken Parmigiana

$17.00Chicken Milanese

$17.00Chicken Piccata


Sourdough, wheat, sliced French, or white bread with French fries.

$24.00Lobster Roll

$17.00Fried Filet of Sole Sandwich

$20.00Crab Sandwich

$14.00Shrimp Sandwich

$21.00Dungeness Crab Panini (Hot)

$14.00Shrimp Panini (Hot)

$13.00Grilled Chicken Breast

$19.00NY Steak Sandwich

$12.00Jumbo Jack Burger



Entrees with Wine Recommendations

$27.00Sea Food Pasta

Clams, mussels, large shrimp, calamari over linguini in Italian tomato sauce.

Recommended Wine: Piniot Noir

Lobster Tail

One tail or two tails.
Served with melted butter & potatoes. 
Market Price.
Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc.

$23.00Large Shrimp & Pasta

Made with light wine cream sauce & fresh tomatoes.
Served with shrimp salad or clam chowder.
Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc.

Garlic Crab & Shrimp

"Served in the shell" with rice and vegetables. 
Market Price.

Recommended Wine: Sterling Chardonnay

$33.00Shell Fish Combo

Cracked crab, prawns, fresh raw oysters, clams and marinated calamari.
Served with cocktail sauce & French bread.
Recommended Wine: Chardonnay

$33.00Chef's Special Platter

Fried crab legs, scallops, prawns, oysters & clams.

Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

$17.00Fish & Chips

Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

$33.00Sea Food Express

Sauteed crab legs, prawns & scallops.

Recommended Wine: Chardonnay

Crab Cioppino Combo

In the shell, crab, large shrimp, clams & fish in our chef's zesty Italian red sauce.
Market Price.
Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

$18.00Seafood Tacos

Grilled or Blackened Snapper, Salmon or Shrimp
Recommended Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

$19.50Crab Cakes

Two grilled Dungeness crabmeat patties.
Served with shrimp salad or clam chowder.
Recommended Wine: Merlot.

$23.00Calamari Dinner

Pan or deep fried garlic, or sauteed with garlic, wine and mushrooms.
Recommended Wine: Chardonnay.

Steak & Lobster

9oz. Steak & 9oz. Tail
Market Price.
Served with butter
Rice or Fries
Recommended Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Child's Portion

Children under twelve.

$11.00Fish & Chips

$10.00Chicken Strips


$10.00Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

$8.00Grilled Cheese Sandwich


$8.00Cheese Cake










On tap.


Sierra Nevada

Blue Moon

Coors Light



Samuel Adams

Bud Light

O'Doul's (Non-Alcoholic)

Miller Lite

Stella Artois

Drink Menu

Our House Wines

Private Label Chardonnay

Glass 9 | Bottle 27

Private Label Merlot

Glass 9 | Bottle 27

Wine By The Glass

$9.00Cabernet Sauvignon


$9.00Pinot Noi

$9.00White Zinfandel

$9.00Sauvignon Blanc

Red Table Wines

$34.00Cabernet, Summers


$34.00Cabernet Sauvignon, Bogle


$35.00Pinot Noir, Robert Mondavi


$35.00Pinot Noir, La Crema


Merlot, Clos du Bois

1/2 Bottle $18 | Bottle $34

$10.00By the glass

White Wines

$36.00Chardonnay, Sterling


$34.00Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson


Chardonnay, Coppola

1/2 bottle $18 | Bottle $33

$33.00Chardonnay, Bouchon


$33.00Sauvignon Blanc, Sterling


$31.00Sauvignon Blanc, Estancia


$31.00Pinot Grigio




$10.00By the glass

Sparkling Wine




$13.00Split of Freixenet


$13.00Split of Prosecco




$10.00Moscato By the Glass

Cocktails, Mixed Drinks

$10.00Watermelon Martini

$10.00Apple Martini

$9.00Tequila Sunrise


$9.00Cape Cod

$10.00Lemon Drop

$12.00Long Beach

$12.00Toyko Tea

$12.00Long Island Iced Tea

$11.00Mai Tai

$11.00Bloody Mary

Blender Drinks

$11.00Pina Colada



$12.00Cadillac Margarita

$12.00Strawberry Margarita

$12.00Strawberry Daiquiri

Scotch Whiskey

$13.00Chivas Regal

$12.00Dewars White Label

Johnnie Walker

Black $12.00 | Red $11.00

$10.00J&B Scotch


$12.00Patron Silver

$12.00Cuervo 1800

$12.00Don Julio Silver

$12.001800 Reposado


$10.00Jack Daniels

$10.00Crown Royal

$10.00Maker's Mark

$9.50Seagram's 7

$11.00Wild Turkey




$10.00Ketel One

$12.00Grey Goose



$13.00Cognac Imported







$12.00Grand Marnier



Coffee Drinks

$10.00Irish Coffee

$10.00Mexican Coffee

$10.00Italian Coffee

$11.00Baileys Coffee

$10.00Coffee Deluxe



Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light, Sierra Nevada, Coors Light, Samuel Adams


Corona, Stella, Blue Moon, Heineken, Pacifico

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Hard Cider

Anchor Steam on Draft

No Checks Accepted.
Minimum service $10.00 per person.
We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
Sales tax will be added to the price of all food and beverage items served.
Eating raw that is raw or less than thoroughly cooked can be a risk to your health.